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Yilan children’s festival kicks off today
童玩節週六迎客 水質嚴把關

Children performing at the opening ceremony of the Yilan International Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival pose in Yilan County on July 1.

Photo: Chiang Chi-hsiung, Liberty Times

The Yilan International Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival commences today at the Dongshan River Park. The festival will last 51 days and all of the recreational facilities are basically in order. After inspecting the park on June 30, Yilan County Commissioner Lin Tsung-hsien said that services offered at this year’s festival have all been improved and that a professional team will be in charge of water quality. Lin would like to invite children and adults to come enjoy the fun.

Lin was joined by Yilan Cultural Affairs Bureau Director Lin Chiu-fang while inspecting the conditions of the water park. Park employees said that construction on the facilities is in its final phase and would be completed within a few days.

A spaceship-shaped “Cosmic Whirlpool” has been added to the swimming area, which was inspired mostly by how a washing machine works. Feeling as though one has entered a huge washing machine, visitors walk inside to rinse off and wash up. Numerous shoe cabinets have been set up next to the swimming area, which has been given the epithet “Shoe Apartments,” and the space is big enough to accommodate 800 pairs of shoes. The showers lined up for visitors are shaped like crayons, combining pink and blue hues to make for an enjoyable design. The showers have also been expanded to provide a better showering environment.

A team of specialists has also been contracted to supervise the quality of the water in the swimming area. The team will take samples every week to test for excessive chlorine, pH levels and fecal-coliform counts. New archways have been installed next to the swimming area and visitors are encouraged to use the facilities to keep from contaminating the water.


1. commence v.

開始;開啟 (kai1 shi3; kai1 qi3)

例: China and India have commenced border negotiations.


2. chlorine n.

氯 (lu4)

例: Chlorine is an important chemical for water purification.


3. contaminate v.

弄髒;汙染 (nong4 zang1; wu1 ran3)

例: The food was contaminated with E. coli.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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