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Octogenarian couple gets remarried after two decades of divorce
離婚二十多年 八旬阿公阿嬤再婚

Octogenarian couple Liu De-lai, holding flowers, and Wang Hsiu-ying, holding their marriage certificate, pose together in Keelung on May 22.

Photo: Wang Ying-chieh, Liberty Times

After being divorced for more than two decades, Liu De-lai, 88, and Wang Hsiu-ying, 84, registered their marriage for the second time on May 22, once again becoming “newlyweds.”

Wang, who had been adopted into the Liu family as a child to be a future daughter-in-law (tongyangxi), was married to Liu for over 40 years and they raised three sons and two daughters together. For reasons unknown they got divorced and despite having reached a low point in their relationship continued living together. It was not until Wang visited Liu in the hospital because of a motorcycle injury that she dispensed with her resentment. Their children, playing cupid, suggested that they get remarried and made preparations for the wedding, inviting personnel from the local household registration office to witness the wedding at the hospital and register their marriage.

Wang says that her parents took her from their impoverished home to the Liu residence to serve as a tongyangxi. Living was hard for everyone during Japanese colonial rule, she says, adding that her husband was conscripted into the army and they were not officially married until he completed his service. Her husband, having received a Japanese-style education, was exacting in his ways but always treated her good and was idolized by his children, Wang says.

Their eldest daughter Liu Yu-chen says that after her father was hurt in a motorcycle accident and sent to hospital on April 21, her mother was not initially willing to visit him in the hospital and assumed that he did not want to see her. However, her father actually asked her mother’s whereabouts, so Wang eventually came to the hospital room and could not help but hold Liu’s hand tightly when she saw him crying.


1. newlywed n.

新結婚的人 (xin1 jie2 hun1 de5 ren2)

例: The newlyweds spent two weeks in New Zealand for their honeymoon.


2. exacting adj.

嚴謹的;嚴厲的 (yan2 jin3 de5; yan2 li4 de5)

例: It came as quite a shock when his normally exacting boss complimented him on a job well done.


3. idolize v.

崇拜;極度仰慕 (chong2 bai4; ji2 du4 yang3 mu4)

例: He has always idolized his sister for her computer wizardry.


Their children originally wanted them to register their marriage on May 20 (because it sounds like “I love you“ in Chinese), but her father could not make it to the household registration office because of his injuries. Keelung City Council Speaker Huang Ching-tai helped them arrange for a representative from the registration office to come to the hospital to register the marriage of the old newlyweds.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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