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Beer-glass shape alters people’s drinking speed

A wheat beer, left, in a wheat beer glass and a glass of beer printed with the words “Wembley final between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Muenchen” are pictured in this combination photo in Germany on May 17.
這張攝於德國的拼圖照片,是裝在小麥啤酒杯的小麥啤酒(左)與一杯玻璃杯上寫有「Wembley final between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Muenchen」字樣的啤酒。

Photo: Reuters

The shape of your glass is probably the last thing on your mind when you are down the pub. However, researchers at the University of Bristol believe the shape of beer glasses affects the speed people drink.

Their study suggests people drink more quickly out of curved glasses than straight ones. They argue that the curvy glassware makes pacing yourself a much greater challenge.

A group of 159 men and women were filmed drinking either soft drinks or beer as part of the study. The glasses all contained around half a pint of liquid, but some of the glasses were straight while others were very curved.

There was no difference in the drinking time for soft drinks. People drinking from both straight and curved glasses finished after around seven minutes. However, for the beer drinkers there was a large difference between the two groups. While it took around seven minutes for people drinking from a curved glass to polish off their half pint, it took 11 minutes for those drinking from a straight glass.

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1. alter v.

改變 (gai3 bian4)

例: We’ve had to alter some of our plans.


2. shape n.

形狀 (xing2 zhuang4)

例: The mountain is in the shape of a turtle.


3. pace oneself v. phr.

放慢步伐;慢慢來 (fang4 man4 bu4 fa2; man4 man4 lai2)

例: No more soup, thank you. I’m pacing myself so that I have room for a dessert.


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