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Thousands in need of ‘immediate’ food assistance in Niger

A malnurished child is pictured in Tibiri, southeastern Niger on April 18.

Photo: AFP

The United Nations said on May 12 that 800,000 people in Niger face food insecurity and that some 84,000 are in immediate need of assistance as the humanitarian crisis worsens in the impoverished landlocked African nation.

Struck by droughts and shortages of crops, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) warned in a bulletin that the hunger season, from June through August, poses a significant danger. The harvest generally comes in September.

OCHA said that of the 800,000 people facing food shortages among Niger’s population of 17 million, 84,000 have no more food reserves and are in need of immediate assistance.

The crisis has forced some to live on leaves and wild berries, or to sell their cattle or agricultural equipment.

Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries, is regularly hit by food crises. According to the European Union, 10.3 million people face food shortages this year in the Sahel region, which includes Niger.









1. in need of phr.

有…需要;有…必要 (you3 … xu1 yao4; you3 … bi4 yao4)

例: The educational system was in need of reform.


2. pose v.

造成;引起 (zao4 cheng2; yin2 qi3)

例: Genetic research poses many ethical questions.


3. live on v. phr.

靠…生活;以…為食 (kao4 … sheng1 huo2; yi3 … wei2 shi2)

例: Sheep live on grass.


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