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Mrs. Russia steps down over ‘Mrs. Dumb’ interview gaffes
受訪出糗被封「笨蛋太太」 「俄羅斯太太」丟后冠

The Moscow Kremlin in Moscow, Russia on March 23.

Photo: EPA

Reigning Mrs. Russia, Inna Zhirkova said on April 24 that she was handing back her crown after millions watched an online video mocking her failure to answer basic questions such as whether the Earth revolves around the Sun.

The 23-year-old former model and mother of two in October last year won the Mrs. Russia title, a contest for which only married women are eligible.

Russian state Channel One announced on Twitter that Zhirkova would renounce her title on the evening of April 24 on its popular talk show “Let Them Talk.”

A video posted on YouTube earlier this month showed a state television journalist grilling Zhirkova on her general knowledge and life experience. Asked whether the Earth revolves around the Sun or vice-versa, she became flustered.

“Probably it is the Sun. No, the Earth. I don’t know,” she said, giggling.

Asked whether she won the title thanks to her “erudition,” Zhirkova, apparently not knowing the meaning of the word, agreed, “Yes, maybe, because I tried to look beautiful every day.”

Commentators cruelly suggested her title should be “Mrs. Dumb.”




俄羅斯國營第一頻道在推特宣布 ,澤科娃於四月二十四日晚間的熱門脫口秀節目「讓他們發聲」宣布放棄后冠。


她說:「可能是太陽。不,是地球。我不知道。」 然後她開始咯咯笑。

當澤科娃被問及是否因「博學」才贏得后冠,她顯然不太清楚「博學」的意思,還表示同意說:「是的 ,我想是吧,因為我試著讓自己每天都明艷動人。」



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