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Patient takes wheel of ambulance to save driver

An ambulance is seen at Villacoublay military airport near Paris, France on March 2 last year.

Photo: Reuters

A late-stage cancer patient has saved the life of an ambulance driver who suffered a heart attack, by taking the wheel of his vehicle and driving him to hospital, French medical officials said.

Christian Nayet, a 60-year-old cancer sufferer from the northern town of Berck-sur-mer, rescued the driver on April 11 by taking him to a hospital in Lens, hospital emergency room manager Frederic Allienne told AFP on April 17.

Nayet told newspaper Voix du Nord the driver had suffered a heart attack while taking him to a hospital in Lille for a regular scan.

“I told him, ‘Give me the keys, trust me! My life is not in danger, but yours is,’” Nayet said. “I couldn’t find the siren, but I managed to turn the lights on and told him to put his arm out the window to signal to the cars to let us pass.”

They drove into the area reserved for ambulances, Allienne said, and the ambulance driver was immediately admitted to the emergency room. During the drive, Nayet had also administered a blood anticoagulant to the driver.

Without his assistance, the driver “could have died,” Allienne said. Nayet was then taken to another hospital for his scheduled tests.










1. take the wheel v. phr.

操控方向盤 (cao1 kong4 fang1 xiang4 pan2)

例: Would you mind taking the wheel for a minute while I take off my gloves?


2. administer v.

給予;投藥 (gei2 yu3; tou2 yao4)

例: The doctor administered drugs to the patient.


3. scheduled adj.

預定的 (yu4 ding4 de5)

例: Aside from the scheduled flights, the airline added more flights to cope with the long weekend last week.


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