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The Louvre shuts as staff strike over pickpockets
職員因扒手罷工 巴黎羅浮宮休館

French police patrol outside the Louvre Museum in Paris, France on April 11.

Photo: EPA

One of the world’s most-visited museums, the Louvre in Paris, did not open on April 10 because of a protest by staff over pickpockets.

Staff at the museum said thieves, some of them children, were targeting both employees and tourists. Two hundred workers took part in a strike organized by the SUD union, according to AFP news agency.

The museum’s management said it had already asked for more assistance from police to deal with the problem.

Christelle Guyader of SUD told AFP that staff were coming to work “afraid.” “They find themselves confronted with organized groups of pickpockets who are increasingly aggressive and who include children.”(Liberty Times)







1. pickpocket n.

扒手 (pa2 shou3)

例: Beware of pickpockets around town.


2. deal with v. phr.

處理;應付 (chu2 li3; ying4 fu4)

例: How do you intend to deal with this problem?


3. confront v.

面對 (mian4 dui4)

例: It’s an issue we’ll have to confront at some point.


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