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Fat cat in Texas now slims down, adopted by vet
德州肥貓現已變瘦 被獸醫領養

A combination photograph shows participants of the costume competition “Child and Cat” during the World Cat Exhibition in Dortmund, Germany on April 21.

Photo: Reuters

An obese stray cat found wandering six months ago near Dallas has slimmed down to 15kg and been adopted by the veterinarian overseeing his care.

Dr. Brittney Barton said that the orange tabby dubbed Skinny is doing well on a special diet to help lose weight and increase his metabolism.

Barton says she became attached to the onetime 19kg cat she was treating at an animal orphanage and last month he became part of her family. Skinny joins Barton’s husband, three children, a dog and another cat at her home.

Barton says Skinny gets along great with the other animals, can jump up on a couch and runs to his food bag at feeding time. She says the house has long hallways that provide good exercise for Skinny.(AP)







1. adopt v. 領養;採納 (ling2 yang3; cai3 na4)

例: Your suggestion has been adopted by the board of directors. (你的建議已獲董事會採納。)

2. become attached to v. phr. 喜歡上某人或某事 (xi3 huan1 shang4 mo3 ren2 huo4 mo3 shi4)

例: He is really attached to his longtime girlfriend. (他很愛他交往多年的女朋友。)

3. get along with v. phr. 維持良好關係 (wei2 chi2 liang2 hao3 guan1 xi4)

例: My kid and my new husband really get along with each other. (我的小孩跟我的新老公處得還不錯。)

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