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Detroit named most miserable US city in Forbes ranking

Homes on Ashton Street in Detroit, Michigan on April 1.

Photo: Bloomberg

With its violent crimes, high unemployment, dwindling population and financial crisis, Detroit was named as the most miserable city in the US.

It toppled Miami, which held the title last year, and surpassed Flint, Michigan, Rockford and Chicago in Illinois and Modesto, California, which rounded out the five most unhappy urban areas.

“Detroit’s problems are hardly news. It has been in a four-decade decline paralleling the slide in the US auto industry,” according to, which compiles the yearly ranking.

Earlier, a panel of experts said the automotive city was facing a fiscal emergency and potential bankruptcy, as well as a possible financial takeover by the state.

Flint, which is being run by an emergency manager appointed by the state governor more than a year ago, faces similar problems, according to

Violent crime, high foreclosure rates and declining home prices pushed Chicago into the fourth spot, along with the high expense of living there.(Reuters)








1. round out v. phr.

完成 (wan2 cheng2)

例: The visit to the new tower in Tokyo was the perfect thing to round out our vacation.


2. hardly adv.

幾乎不 (ji1 hu1 bu4)

例: Louder, please. I can hardly hear you.


3. bankruptcy n.

破產 (po4 chan3)

例: The home-supply store chain files for bankruptcy protection today.


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