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Performing arts college provides therapeutic disaster relief

Above and below: Students from National Taiwan College of Performing Arts perform in Taipei on Feb. 18.

Photo: Chao Shih-hsung, Liberty Times

To help promote performance art therapy and utilizing the arts to provide spiritual healing to people in remote areas affected by natural disasters, the Motorola Mobility Foundation is sponsoring the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts’ (NTCPA) “Mobility Art Therapy Project.” The school’s president Chang Jui-pin says that performances provide people with artistic entertainment and allow young people to better understand the social significance of the performance arts.

Between four and six typhoons typically hit Taiwan every year, usually hitting rural mountain areas the hardest and devastating countless families. As part of the project, NTCPA is taking students to rural disaster areas to uplift people’s spirits culturally with a series of traditional opera performances and events.

NTCPA will be holding a series of Beijing opera, Taiwanese gezaixi, Hakka opera, folk acrobatics and traditional opera music performances in Greater Taichung’s Taiping District, Nantou County’s Sinyi Township, Yunlin County’s Gukeng Township and Greater Kaohsiung’s Liukuei District, which will include traditional opera performances, lectures and opera therapy workshops.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






1. therapy n.

治療;療法 (zhi4 liao2; liao2 fa3)

例: After the accident, she underwent six months of physical therapy.


2. remote adj.

偏僻的 (pian1 pi4 de5)

例: Cellphones usually don’t get good reception in remote areas.


3. devastate v.

使荒蕪;破壞 (shi3 huang1 wu2; po4 huai4)

例: The tornado devastated the town.


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