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Chinese tourists boycott Maldives resort amid claims of discrimination
反歧視 中國遊客抵制馬爾地夫度假中心

A tourist plays with her son in an artificial beach in Male, the Maldives on Feb. 12 last year.

Photo: Reuters

Cup noodle fans should think twice when booking holidays in the Maldives, according to several Chinese travel agencies. Some luxury resorts have stopped providing Chinese guests with hot water to prevent them from skipping meals and room service in favor of cup noodles.

Anger and calls for a boycott erupted on China’s social media after Zhao Jianke, a former guest service manager at The Beach House Iruveli (TBHI), a five-star resort in northern Maldives, posted claims of discriminatory practices of the resort where he worked from October last year to February.

Many potential holidaymakers say they will stop vacationing on the Indian Ocean island until TBHI offers an official apology.

Zhao Jianke told that staff were ordered to treat Chinese visitors differently after the appointment of a new general manager in December.

“The new manager ordered us to take away hot water kettles from Chinese guests’ rooms and keep them in European guests’ rooms,” Zhao wrote in his statement on a Chinese microblogging site.

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1. think twice idiom

三思 (san1 si1)

例: You should think twice before marrying that man.


2. prevent v.

避免;阻止 (bi4 mian3; zu2 zhi3)

例: There is nothing you can do to prevent me from leaving.


3. take away v. phr.

拿走;帶走 (na2 zou3; dai4 zou3)

例: The robber has taken everything valuable away from the house.


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