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Teachers unions promote farming education to cope with looming food crisis
糧食危機 教團推廣麥田見學

Bottles of soy sauce made of wheat and soybean grown by “Wheat of Hope” are on display in Taipei on Feb. 23.

Photos: Chung Li-hua, Liberty Times

As the world faces climate change and a food crisis, the National Federation of Teachers Unions (NFTU) has joined forces with agricultural group “Wheat of Hope” to promote hands-on wheat farming lessons for junior high and elementary schools. This year, a new crop, soybean, has been added to the program. By growing soybeans and wheat on campus, students learn the entire process, including putting down the soil, sowing the seeds, and watching them germinate, ear and flower until it is time to harvest the wheat. The idea is that students, having learned about the various stages of crop growth, will take more of an interest in national farming policy in the future.

A total of more than 40 schools participated in the program last year. Under the guidance of their teachers Chien Long-hsiang and Tseng Shu-kuan, students at Taipei Beitou Elementary School have been growing soybean and wheat on campus since last October, and proudly displayed some of their harvest on Feb. 26. According to Tseng, this practical experience teaches students many good habits, such as responsibility, sharing, and respecting food. It is a very meaningful and worthwhile lesson for students before they finish school, said Tseng, adding that other junior high schools and elementary schools should also consider including this type of program in their curriculum.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Lin Ya-ti)

全球面對氣候變遷及糧食危機,全國教師工會總聯合會和「喜願小麥」團隊合作, 在中小學全面推廣「麥田見學」,今年起又增加大豆的種植見學,讓學生在校園裡種植大豆和小麥,從填土、播種、發芽、抽穗、揚花到收成,見證農作物每一階段的成長,希望未來可進而關心國家的農業政策。



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