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Gourmet restaurant with museum out to change the Yilan restaurant scene
餐廳打造美術館 吃美食看展

An anterior view of Formosa Pearl.

Photo courtesy of Formosa Pearl

After several years of planning, restaurant and museum owner Wu Ying-hsien has finally brought Formosa Pearl to Yilan County’s Jhuangwei Township, offering gourmet cuisine and the chance to appreciate works of art by well-known artists at the same establishment. The art museum part of the restaurant holds exhibits periodically, combining fine food with art to create a unique way of running a restaurant.

Wu, who originally served as chairman of a company selling electronic parts, says that Yilan is brimming with eateries that fail to offer something special, so he hoped that his restaurant would stand apart from the others, providing patrons with a place to eat and with an art gallery to appreciate art.

Wu says that the exhibit “Flowers Blossoming on Mountains,” by Lee Hsiao-kun, a professor in the School of Fine Arts at National Taipei University of the Arts and the former head of Huafan University’s Department of Fine Arts and Culture Creative Design, is currently on display at Formosa Pearl. Lee specializes in Buddhist paintings and sculpting. The museum will be running a different exhibit every three months, including diverse art forms such as lazurite (colored glass) and ceramics. All of the exhibits for the next two years have already been scheduled.

Wu says people can visit the museum while they are on their way to having a meal, or they can simply visit the museum without eating, but says they must make reservations first to help control the number of visitors and to ensure the quality of their visit. For more information, visit Formosa Pearl’s Web site:

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


1. cuisine n.

烹飪;菜餚 (peng2 ren4; cai4 yao2)

例: Fast food has overtaken traditional cuisine in France for the first time.


2. unique adj.

與眾不同的;獨特的 (yu3 zhong4 bu4 tong2 de5; du2 te4 de5)

例: It takes a unique personality to enjoy avant-garde music.


3. patron n.

顧客;贊助者 (gu4 ke4; zan4 zhu4 zhe3)

例: As a patron of the arts, she has bought a number of paintings by up-and-coming artists.







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