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Bob Clark and Norma Clark’s marriage was not legal for 48 years
鮑伯.克拉克與諾瑪的婚姻 四十八年不合法

A bride enters a Catholic church to attend her wedding ceremony in Manila, Philippines on Dec. 18 last year.

Photo: EPA

After spending nearly a half-century as husband and wife, Bob and Norma Clark are finally married.

The couple from Redlands, an inland California city halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, celebrated their 48th anniversary in August, and in November they were getting their end-of-life documents in order and sought a copy of their marriage license for Social Security purposes.

The Clarks, who met in college, took their vows at a church south of San Francisco in August 1964, shortly after Bob had served in the Army during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

But when clerks at the Hall of Records in San Mateo County tried to pull the license in November, they came up empty.

The church where they had married still had a record of the ceremony so they knew they had not imagined it, and several of the couple’s family members and friends who had been wedding guests were about to come to town for Thanksgiving.

On Nov. 21 they made their marriage legitimate, filing their paperwork and obtaining their license at the San Bernardino County Hall of Records, with the maid of honor and a junior usher from the original wedding serving as witnesses.

Bob Clark brought flowers for Norma, and at the urging of family and friends kissed the bride to seal the deal.











1. in order phr.

按順序 (an4 shun4 xu4)

例: We soon put Jim’s bike in order.


2. maid of honor n.

首席伴娘 (shou3 xi2 ban4 niang2)

例: I’m the maid of honor in the wedding of my best friend from high school.


3. seal the deal v. phr.

敲定;成交 (qiao1 ding4; cheng2 jiao1)

例: They sealed the deal with a handshake.


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