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Energy drinks no more effective than a cup of coffee?

The drink 5-Hour Energy is viewed for sale at a grocery store in New York City on Nov. 15.
這張十一月十五日攝於紐約市的照片,是陳列在一間雜貨店的「5-Hour Energy」機能飲料。

Photo: AFP

Scientists say there is an “overwhelming lack of evidence” that ingredients in energy drinks, other than caffeine, enhance physical or cognitive performance.

In a new study published in the Nutrition Reviews journal, researchers suggested the main benefit of energy drinks is probably down to a generous dose of caffeine.

Researchers found that while energy drinks often contain ingredients such as taurine, guarana and ginseng, there is an “overwhelming lack of evidence to substantiate claims that these ingredients boost performance”.

In addition to taurine, guarana, and ginseng, energy drinks also often contain glucuronolactone, B-vitamins, and other compounds.

The researchers went through dozens of articles that examined the effects of energy ingredients alone and/or in combination with caffeine, the Daily Mail reported.

Earlier this year, a study found that energy drinks have up to 14 times more caffeine than other soft drinks.

Furthermore, doctors warned that children given energy drinks could pile on the pounds because they are not active enough to burn off the extra calories.

They say energy drinks — which contain between 10 and 270 calories a serving — should never be given to children.

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1. other than adv. phr.

除了 (chu2 le5)

例: Other than my sister Jane, I don’t have any other siblings.


2. substantiate v.

證實;體現 (zheng4 shi2; ti3 xian4)

例: The painting substantiates the feelings of the artist.


3. pile up v. phr.

堆積;累積 (dui1 ji1; lei3 ji1)

例: Snow has been piling up on the roads for days now.


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