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Remembering to take car seats to hospitals for newborns
準備汽車安全椅 喜迎新生兒返家

Car seats that Wonderland Nurserygoods Co Ltd donated to Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei last Wednesday.

Photo: Wang Min-wei, Liberty Times

Hundreds of thousands of newborns have come into the world this year, which is the year of the dragon, but doctors are discovering that most new parents forget to bring car seats when they pick up their newborns, although they usually always remember diapers and clothes.

Chang Lung, head of pediatrics at Mackay Memorial Hospital, says that it is a necessity for newborns to have car seats when they get picked up from the hospital, and that a baby’s life is put in danger when a mother or another family member decides to hold the baby in their arms instead of putting it in a car seat.

After delving further into the reasons as to why parents typically forget to bring car seats to hospitals for newborns, aside from simply forgetting, many people say that the birth came on so suddenly that they did not have time to prepare one, while many people mistakenly think that newborn babies are actually too small for car seats, and that by holding the infant in their arms they make it feel safer.

Chang says that if you were traveling at 40kph in a car with an infant that weighs 10kg, did not have a car seat, and were hit head-on by another car, the force of impact would be around 300kg, which a parent’s arms would not be able to endure.

In order to help parents who forget to bring their own car seats to the hospital, Wonderland Nurserygoods Co Ltd, the world’s largest perambulator manufacturer, donated 30 car seats to Mackay Memorial Hospital last Wednesday. The car seats will be lent out free of charge to parents who forget to bring car seats. This is the first time in Taiwan that a hospital will be providing such a service.

Chang reminds parents that they should face car seats toward the back of the car for infants under the age of two, and that only children two or older, or larger-than-average infants, should use car seats that face toward the front of the vehicle or booster cushions. If a child throws a tantrum because they do not want to sit in a car seat, you stop the car, but you should never, under any circumstances, concede to the child and allow them to not sit in the car seat, he says. For longer trips, giving children toys to play with can help avoid boredom, along with listening to children’s songs or audio books, and stopping to rest intermittently so they can stretch their legs, can all help allow children get used to the idea of sitting in a car seat.


1. diaper n.

尿布 (niao4 bu4)

例: Alan’s daughter isn’t potty-trained yet, so she still has to wear diapers.


2. head-on adv.

正面地(撞擊) (zheng4 mian4 de5 (zhuang4 ji2))

例: Both drivers died in the head-on collision because they were not wearing seatbelts.


3. throw a tantrum idiom

吵鬧;發脾氣 (chao3 nao4; fa1 pi2 qi4)

例: You are a grownup now. Don’t throw a tantrum.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)








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