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Poll: Germans accept nuke exit despite rising bill
民調︰電費攀高 德國人仍堅持廢核

A combination of undated pictures shows aerial views of the German nuclear power plants, top left to bottom right, at Neckarwestheim, Brunsbuettel, Isar, Biblis A and B, Philippsburg and Unterweser.

Photo: Reuters

A new poll finds that a large majority of Germans back the government’s decision to phase out nuclear power and switch to renewable energies within a decade, despite rising electricity bills.

The poll for German news magazine Focus published on Oct. 11 found that 72 percent continue to support the country’s energy switchover. Only 24 percent were opposed to the policy.

Germany’s grid operators announced earlier this month that a surcharge on households’ electricity prices financing the expansion of renewable energies will increase by 47 percent starting in January. A typical family of four will then have to pay about 250 euros (US$325) per year on top of their bill.

Polling agency Forsa surveyed 1,000 people this week. Focus did not provide the poll’s margin of error.

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1. phase out v. phr.

分階段(逐步)停止 (fen1 jie1 duan4 (zhu2 bu4) ting2 zhi3)

例: The plan will be phased out.


2. switchover n.

轉換;徹底改變 (zhuan3 huan4; che4 di3 gai3 bian4)

例: The switchover from analog to digital TV services in Taiwan has been completed.


3. on top of prep. phr.

除了…之外(還) (chu2 le5 … zhi1 wei4 (hai2))

例: On top of being dull, he’s unfriendly.


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