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Annette Lu visits Taichung to recruit artists
呂秀蓮參觀畫展 欲集結藝術家辦展

Top photo and above: Former vice president Annete Lu looks at paintings at a gallery in Greater Taichung on Oct. 21.

Photos: Su Meng-chuan, Liberty Times

Former vice president Annette Lu recently traveled to Taichung to visit the exhibit “Art Vision of Abstraction.” During her visit, she held talks with artists in central Taiwan. Lu says that she hopes to collaborate with artists in central Taiwan and that they will join her Formosa Art League when it holds an exhibition at Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Greater Kaohsiung next summer.

Lu went to Taichung on Oct. 21 specifically to visit the Taiwan Culture Foundation’s Formosa Art Plaza and see the exhibit “Art Vision of Abstraction.” The foundation says that the exhibit includes works by seasoned artists such as Kuo Bor-jou, Yang Chih-fu, Tao Wen-yueh, Yang Jen-ming, Chien Chang-ta and Lin Jun-hui.

Apart from visiting the exhibit, Lu also mingled with local artists and told them that she believes art has the ability to improve the humanities in Taiwan and enhance the quality of life for Taiwanese people. She also invited the artists who were present during her visit to join the exhibit that she will be organizing at Fo Guang Shan Monastery next year. Lu says that her preliminary idea at this juncture is to have “Taiwan in the 21st century” be the theme for the exhibit. She anticipates that it will be able to express the values of Taiwanese people in the 21st century, and hopes that more artists will be able to work together on this promising project.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)





1. seasoned adj.

中生代的 (zhong1 sheng1 dai4 de5)

例: Having published more than 20 novels, she is now a seasoned author.


2. humanities n.

人文科學 (ren2 wen2 ke1 xue2)

例: Philosophy, history, linguistics and anthropology are all part of the humanities.


3. express v.

傳達 (chuan2 da2)

例: The song is meant to express the tragedies of war.



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