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Mexican commemorative stamp features Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

A commemorative stamp featuring a picture of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre for the 40th anniversary of Mexico’s Festival Internacional Cervantino.

Photo courtesy of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

Correos de Mexico, the National Council for Culture and Arts and organizers of the Festival Internacional Cervantino held a press conference last week to announce the release of a stamp featuring Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’s 2010 performance of Water Moon in commemoration of the festival’s 40th anniversary.

A picture capturing a single moment from Cloud Gate’s performance of Water Moon was chosen for the festival’s commemorative stamp, showing praise for the troupe and representing the enduring artistic creativity and vitality of the festival.

The Festival Internacional Cervantino is named after the author of the famous novel Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes. As it enters its 40th year, the festival is still the most important event of its kind in Central and South America. To celebrate the festival’s 40th year, the event’s main organizer collaborated with Correos de Mexico to release the commemorative stamp. After a review committee voted on the matter, a photo of Water Moon being performed was selected to go on the stamp, recieving permission from Cloud Gate.

Worth 13.5 pesos (NT$30.9) each, 200,000 of the stamps were printed and went on sale at post offices across Mexico starting on Sept. 26.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







1. moment n.

瞬間 (shun4 jian1)

例: Her heart started racing the moment she discovered she was being followed.


2. enduring adj.

生生不息;歷久不衰 (sheng1 sheng1 bu4 xi2; li4 jiu3 bu4 shuai1)

例: Many of jazz’s most enduring tunes were written in the 1920s.


3. vitality n.

活力 (huo2 li4)

例: This city is brimming with cultural vitality.


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