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Gorilla in Prague Zoo accidentally hangs himself

A Western lowland gorilla relaxes in a hammock inside its enclosure at Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia on Aug. 15.

Photo: EPA

A gorilla has died in Prague Zoo after accidentally hanging himself with a climbing rope, zoo officials said on July 27. The zoo said in a statement that 5-year-old Tatu was found hanging with a rope around his neck Friday morning in a sleeping room. Spokesman Michal Stastny said all attempts to revive Tatu failed. He said there were no cameras in the room and it is not clear exactly what happened.

Mammals curator Pavel Brandl said Tatu likely unbraided one of the dozens of ropes the gorillas use in their pavilion for climbing and put a strand around his neck before hanging himself. “It was an accident,” Brandl said.

Brandl said another gorilla, Kamba, appeared to be trying to help Tatu when zookeepers arrived but, “it is hard to say what exactly she was doing.” Director Miroslav Bobek said the death was the most tragic event at the zoo since flooding in 2002 killed more than 100 animals.

The zoo still has six gorillas, and they are among the most popular animals there. Tens of thousands of people watched Tatu’s birth online on May 30, 2007.








1. accidentally adv.

意外地 (yi4 wai4 de5)

例: I accidentally knocked a glass over.


2. revive v.

挽救;重生 (wan3 jiu4; chong2 sheng1)

例: My plants revived as soon as I gave them some water.


3. tragic adj.

悲劇的 (bei1 ju4 de5)

例: The tragic event occurred late last night.


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