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Nearly 6,000 pass civil service exams this year
國考錄取近六千人 創十六年新高

Examinees look at the results of the most recent civil service exams in Taipei on Wednesday last week.

Photo: Liao Chen-hui, Liberty Times

The results of Taiwan’s largest national examination, the senior and junior exams for civil servants, were released on Wednesday last week. With 5,927 of the examinees qualifying after taking the exams this year, it was the most people to pass the exams since 1996. The oldest examinee to qualify this year was a 60-year-old woman, who passed the senior examination for public finance and taxation administration. She is the oldest person to ever qualify on a civil service exam. The youngest person to qualify this year was a 20-year-old woman, who passed the junior exam for personnel administration.

More than 156,000 people signed up to take the junior and senior level examinations this year, 105,487 of whom actually came to take the exams. The overall acceptance rate for examinees this year was 5.62 percent, or nearly 6,000 people. The acceptance rates were 7.63 percent for the senior exam and 4.15 percent for the junior exam respectively.

Although competition for the exams is quite fierce, some departments are still unable to hire the number of people they need because there are not enough people reaching the 50-point minimum for qualification. Among such departments is the senior exam for the civil engineering department. They needed 382 people to qualify this year but only had 191.

Examinee Liu Chien-hung said he has taken the civil service exam three years in a row. The first year he was in a relationship and did not have the proper mindset to pass the exam, “As soon as I finished the exam, I was dumped.” The second year he gave it his all but still failed by one point. Unable to forget the look of disappointment on his father’s face, he put his mind to it for the third year, studying during the day and taking tutorials at night. He finally qualified this year. On the day that the test results were released, he rushed over to the auditorium to check the results, telling himself that if he did not pass this time, he would hurry to get ready to take the test again. “If you let up for a second, you’ll never get in,” he says.


1. civil engineering n. phr.

土木工程 (tu3 mu4 gong1cheng2)

例: Kim went to work for a civil engineering firm after graduating from college.


2. sophomore n.

大學或高中二年級學生 (da4 xue2 huo4 gao1 zhong1 er4 nian2 ji2 xue2 sheng1)

例: She is currently a freshman in high school, so she will be a sophomore next year.


3. auditorium n.

禮堂 (li3 tang2)

例: The ceremony will be held in the auditorium.


The youngest examinee to get accepted this year was 20-year-old Kang Yu-hsin. During an interview with her, she said that when she was a sophomore in National Cheng Kung University’s (NCKU) Department of Political Science, she was worried about finding a job after graduating with a degree in political science, so she decided to start preparing to take the national examination. She has successfully passed four different civil service exams, including a local fifth level exam, the elementary exam and this year she passed the junior exam. She is currently deferring her studies but hopes to eventually finish her degree at NCKU.

Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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