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Prince Harry naked photographs published online
哈利王子裸照 網路流竄

Britain’s Prince Harry poses for a photograph at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan on Sept. 7.

Photo: Reuters

Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display in Vegas, getting completely naked during a game of strip billiards with a room full of friends in his VIP suite.

It all went down on the night of Aug. 17 during a raging party in a high rollers hotel suite.

Harry, along with a large entourage, went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of hot chicks and invited them up to his VIP suite.

Once in the room, things got wild with the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity.

Some of the partiers snapped photos of the madness. In one photo, a fully nude Harry cups his genitals while a seemingly topless woman stands behind him.

In another photo, a naked Harry is bear-hugging a woman who appears to be completely naked as well.

The images, first released by the celebrity gossip Web site TMZ, have led to the Prince’s name “trending” worldwide on Twitter.

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1. crown jewels n. phr.

男性生殖器 (nan2 xing4 sheng1 zhi2 qi4)

例: The thief got a hard kick in his crown jewels.


2. go down v. phr.

發生 (fa1 sheng1)

例: All of the insanity went down on Saturday night.


3. nudity n.

裸露 (luo3 lu4)

例: Nudity in movies is subject to a restrictive rating.


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