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Nonsense is here to appease the ghosts

Above and top right: Promotional posters for Nonsense.

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Off Performance Workshop’s well-received play Nonsense is just in time for Ghost Month. A third installment of the play is being performed at 363 Theater until the day of the Ghost Festival, or Chungyuan Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar (Aug. 31). Besides serving as a gift to appease the ghosts, the play is a blessing that connects the worlds of the dead and the living, aiding the apparitions in burying their worldly grief and giving them a new beginning.

Veteran director Shan Cheng-chu is directing the play, and actress Jasmine Wang is performing the only role in the monologue play. Last year at its premiere and all subsequent performances, 80 percent of the seats were filled on average for the 38 performances. Shan says that they chose to have the third installment of performances occur during Ghost Month because the play is about the relationship between people and ghosts. The audience is not limited to people, ghosts are also welcome to attend the performances, making Ghost Month the perfect time to put on the play. “This is how people working in theater celebrate Ghost Month,” Shan says.

Wang, on the other hand, says that getting to perform the same role over and over again has been a rare opportunity in her performance career, and that it has allowed her to grow with the character and reflect on the meaning of the performance during the process. Nonsense is being performed every evening at 7:30pm until Aug. 31 at 363 Theater. Tickets are NT$500 and are available through NTCH ticketing.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)



1. appease v.

滿足 (man3 zu2)

例: Did that appease your appetite?


2. apparition n.

幽靈 (you1 ling2)

例: He kept seeing the apparition of his dead wife late at night.


3. reflect on v. phr.

反省 (fan2 xing3)

例: Let’s take a moment to reflect on the situation and hopefully come up with a solution.





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