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‘Sunday blues’ start at 4:13pm, survey finds
調查發現「週日憂鬱」 下午四點十三分發作

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Anxiety about the working week officially starts at 4:13pm on a Sunday, a poll of 2,000 adults has found.

The onset of the ’Sunday blues’ — which is characterized by a mild sense of depression about the week ahead — begins half way through the afternoon and continues into the evening.

Four out of 10 adults — 41 percent — admit that their Sunday nights are full of dread and anxiety, according to the poll by Premier Inn.

The hotel chain found that Britons spend Monday to Friday looking forward to the weekend but on average start worrying about going back to work almost eight hours before the weekend technically ends.

For one in 10 people the sense of dread is even worse. Premier Inn found that for 10 percent of people the Sunday blues begin at 10am on a Sunday.

Research in 2010 by Mind, the mental health charity, found that the recession has increased the sense of fear about returning to work.

Psychologists have said that ways to counter the Sunday blues include having a busy schedule, doing exercise and being around other people.

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1. onset n.

發作 (fa1 zuo4)

例: He started taking the drug from the onset of the fever.


2. characterize v.

以…為特色 (yi3 … wei2 te4 se4)

例: The city is characterized by its vibrant multicultural society.


3. anxiety n.

焦慮 (jiao1 lu4)

例: Many people with any type of anxiety disorder are typically misdiagnosed as being “depressed.”


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