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No laughing matter, India clamps down on yoga gigglers

Filipinos laugh during a laughing yoga session at a park in Manila, Philippines on June 21.

Photo: EPA

They are designed to reduce stress and improve well-being, but one laughing yoga club in Mumbai has been ordered to stop its early morning giggling sessions after complaints from grumpy neighbors.

The Bombay High Court told police to clamp down on the laughing yoga group after a 78-year-old resident complained it caused “mental agony, pain and public nuisance”, the DNA newspaper reported on June 19.

“It is not proper to gather outside somebody’s house and laugh,” judges said while hearing the public interest lawsuit filed by Vinayak Shirsat from the Kurla suburb of Mumbai. According to Shirsat’s petition, 10 to 15 members of the group gather at 7am to sing, clap and indulge in “loud and vigorous spells of laughter.”

Laughing yoga was made popular as an exercise routine by Indian physician Madan Kataria in Mumbai in 1995, based on the principle that laughter has physiological benefits.

Laughter clubs, at which members burst into infectious giggles, have since caught on in many cities in India and abroad.The court on June 18 gave police a week to inform judges how they planned to restrain the club from causing problems.

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1. clamp down v. phr.

取締;壓制 (qu3 di4; ya1 zhi4)

例: The authorities have also clamped down on public demonstrations.


2. agony n.

痛苦 (tong4 ku3)

例: He crashed to the ground in agony.


3. catch on v. phr.

變得流行 (bian4 de2 liu2 xing2)

例: The idea of linking pay to performance has caught on.


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