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A : Have you heard of I’ve seen it on the Internet a lot lately.

B : Yeah, it brings everything a person needs to know to one place and allows you to get the gist of something at a glance.

A : So it collects various news reports on a single topic and arranges them into short clips?

B : Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

A : 你知道什麼是「新聞懶人包」嗎?最近常在網路上看到。

B : 喔,它是「把所需的東西集合在一起,讓想要了解事情的人一看就懂」。

A : 所以它就是「針對一個特定的新聞事件,蒐集各種摘要報導」的東西嗎?

B : 差不多,意思很接近。

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