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‘Scary’ toilet paper coming soon to a stall near you

The toilets of the Pathe Cinema are flooded due to heavy rains in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on June 11.

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For those who enjoy doing their reading in the loo, an English version of a Japanese horror story will soon be available overseas, with the entire novel printed on toilet paper.

Billed as “the world’s scariest toilet paper,” the roll will feature a horror story written by author Koji Suzuki, who also penned the popular horror novels Ring and Spiral. The story on the roll of toilet paper is called Drop.

Since hitting the market in Japan in 2009, the product has sold some 300,000 rolls domestically. The literary toilet paper will sell for around 200 yen (NT$76) a roll, about 10 times the cost of a regular roll of toilet paper.

The product is made by Hayashi Paper Co, a firm in Shizuoka Prefecture with a staff of around 30 people. It is the brainchild of Hiroyuki Hayashi, president of Hayashi Paper, who contacted Suzuki and rolled out the idea. The popular author then agreed to write a short story for the roll. It is expected that some people will buy the product as a keepsake due to its gimmicky nature.

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1. loo n.

廁所 (ce4 suo3)

例: We often hear people in the UK say they want to go to the “loo” instead of "restroom."


2. roll n.

捲筒 (juan2 tong3)

例: Premium toilet roll may contain lotion and have two to four plies.


3. brainchild n.

心血結晶 (xin1 xie3 jie2 jing1)

例: The iPhone is the brainchild of Steve Jobs.


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