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The Center for the Translation of Taiwanese Literature opens in Tainan
邁向國際化 台灣文學外譯中心台南揭牌

Lee Rui-ten, center, director of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, speaks at the opening ceremony of the Center for the Translation of Taiwanese Literature. In the background is a plaque with the center’s title in Chinese calligraphy by Chi Pang-yuan, a veteran scholar and advocate of translating Chinese-language books into foreign languages.

Photo: Tsai Wen-chu, Liberty Times

The Center for the Translation of Taiwanese Literature established under the National Museum of Taiwan Literature opened last Friday and is holding an exhibition of translation works of Taiwan’s modern poems. The center will be in charge of promoting and funding the translation of Taiwanese literature into foreign languages in the hope of promoting Taiwanese literature in the international setting and marking a new milestone.

National Museum of Taiwan Literature Director Lee Rui-ten said that the Council for Cultural Affairs had been promoting the project for translating Chinese-language books into foreign languages for over two decades, and that the National Museum of Taiwan Literature took over the project two years ago. The first batch of books was already successfully translated and published at the end of last year. The museum is committed to promoting the translation of Taiwanese literature, he said.

National Taiwan University’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures professor Ou In-shi, representing the Taipei Chinese Center of International PEN, said at the opening ceremony that the center has been translating Chinese publications into foreign languages for four decades, but that it has been quite laborious. She was, therefore, delighted to see that the work of translating Taiwanese literature into foreign languages is finally being taken seriously.

The exhibition of translated works of modern Taiwanese poetry displays poems by 101 Taiwanese poets, inlcuding Yu Kuang-chung, Lee Kuei-shien, Lin Juei-ming, Cheng Chou-yu, Hsi Mu-jung, Hsia Yu, and Liu Ke-hsiang. Each poet has one piece selected and translated into one of eight languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Mongolian, Serbian, and Romanian. Both the Chinese and translated editions are displayed side by side. The exhibition will run through Aug. 12.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Lin Ya-ti)


1. veteran n.

前輩;老手 (qian2 bei4; lao2 shou3)

例: Bob has a lot of experience in this field, he is a real veteran.


2. milestone n.

里程碑 (li3 cheng2 bei1)

例: The sale of the one millionth copy of the book was a real milestone.


3. laborious adj.

辛苦的 (xin1 ku3 de5)

例: Making the teddy bear from scratch was a laborious process, but certainly worth it in the end.







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