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Women still confronted with yawning gender wage gap

Heidi Gauthier, left, helps jobseeker Jennifer Thomas look at job postings online at a community center in Washington on June 1.

Photo: Bloomberg

In most common occupations women still make less than men doing the same job for an equal amount of hours, according to new data released on April 17. Overall they earn 77 cents for each dollar made annually by men and for some jobs, such as financial manager, the number drops to 66 cents.

“These gender wage gaps are not about women choosing to work less than men — the analysis is comparing apples to apples, men and women who all work full time — and we see that across 40 common occupations, men nearly always earn more than women,” said Ariane Hegewisch, a study director at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), a non-profit research organization.

She added that the reasons are varied but discrimination law cases show that women are less likely to be selected for the best jobs, they get hired at a lower rate and don’t get equivalent raises to men over the years.

“Discrimination in who gets hired for the best jobs hits all women but particularly black and Hispanic women,” Hegewisch explained.








1. yawning adj.

極大的 (ji2 da4 de5)

例: There is a yawning discrepancy on the balance sheet.


2. discrimination n.

歧視 (qi2 shi4)

例: Women are still fighting discrimination in the workplace.


3. raise n.

加薪 (jia1 xin1)

例: I got a raise at last.


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