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Flat-footed people should be careful exercising
扁平足運動不當 很傷腳底

Yeh Shu-ming, a physiatrist at Chiayi County’s Hosanna Hospital, injects a patient’s foot with an anti-inflammatory drug on June 7.

Photo: Ting Wei-Chieh, Liberty Times

A flat-footed quinquagenarian man who plays tennis regularly was having pains in the sole of his foot from time to time. He decided to see a physiatrist since he had not sprained his ankle and medicine and massages were not helping with the pain. The doctor diagnosed the man with post-tibial tendonitis, saying it was due to his having flat feet. The man eventually got better after medicine was injected into his foot.

Yeh Shu-ming, a physiatrist at Chiayi County’s Hosanna Hospital, says that flat-footed people’s arches either partially or completely collapse when they are standing. This keeps the feet’s arches from functioning normally and absorbing shock properly, making it very easy for them to injure the soles of their feet, heels, and the posterior tibial tendon when exercising.

When the patient went to see the doctor, the arch of his left foot was swollen and had an above average temperature. The examination found that he had flat feet and an ultrasound image showed that he had post-tibial tendonitis.

The man says that he enjoys playing tennis quite regularly, but that around four months ago his foot started hurting every time he played. He went to several doctors and even tried traditional healing methods, none of which were successful and the condition only got worse.

After diagnosing the patient, Yeh determined that the inflamed area was the exterior tendon sheaths of the posterior tibia, and injected anti-inflammatory drugs into the tendon sheaths to reduce inflammation and dull the pain. The pain was gone by the following day, and since the condition did not recur he was able to start playing tennis again after a month.


1. quinquagenarian n.

五十多歲的人 (wu3 shi2 duo1 sui4 zhe3)

例: The quinquagenarian has two children and one grandchild.


2. inject v.

注射 (zhu4 she4)

例: Growth hormones are injected into chickens to make them bigger and live longer.


3. recur v.

復發;再發生 (fu4 fa1; zai4 fa1 sheng1)

例: The transit of Venus will not recur until 2117.


Yeh says that since flat-footed people have collapsed arches they must be sure to wear shoes that provide strong support to their arches. By doing this, the sole of the foot will be protected and there will be enough support when doing exercise that uses the front part of the foot, and the posterior tibia is less likely to be injured.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)








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