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A : Emerson, I’d like to take a few days off at the end of May.

B : That should be fine. Anything wrong?

A : I’d like to travel abroad with my family. I still haven’t decided exactly when. How many days can I take off at one time?

B : There isn’t a company policy, but if you want to take more than three consecutive days, please let me know two weeks ahead of time.

A : Emerson,我想在五月底請幾天特休假。

B : 應該可以。你有事啊?

A : 我想陪家人出國玩,目前還沒決定時間。請問一次最多可以請幾天?

B : 公司沒有特別規定。但如果一次連續請三天以上,最好提早兩週讓我知道。

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