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A : Aren’t you supposed to be on special leave today? Why are you at the office?

B : I got a call from a client this morning saying something was wrong with the contract, so I came straight to the office to take care of it.

A : You’re so on top of things.

B : Everything’s okay now. I’ve still got half the day off, so I’m going to use it wisely.

A : 你今天不是請特休假嗎,怎麼還來上班?

B : 因早上臨時接到客戶電話,說合約內容有問題,所以趕快進辦公室處理。

A : 你真的很拼耶!

B : 還好事情已搞定,還剩半天假,我要好好把握!

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