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Nicolas Sarkozy bans cheese from Elysee Palace

A man presents his electoral card in front of the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on April 18.

Photo: AFP

It is an admission that is verging on sacrilegious for a French president. But Nicolas Sarkozy’s top chef has revealed that the French head of state has banned cheese from the table at the Elysee Palace.

Former French president Charles de Gaulle once famously declared” How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 different kinds of cheese?”

The fitness-mad Sarkozy has chosen to remove the source of de Gaulle’s angst from his sight, according to presidential chef Bernard Vaussion, who is cooking for his fifth French head of state.

The French were famously dubbed “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” by irate US Republicans when they failed to support the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

But Sarkozy has done away with the high-fat stuff altogether after meals, his chef explained, as “it was too much” for him.

His cheese aversion even threatened to spark a diplomatic incident last October, when he offended Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, by telling another EU leader that over dinner “she says she is on a diet and then helps herself to a second helping of cheese.”

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1. sacrilegious adj.

冒瀆的 (mao4 du2 de5)

例: Your words are sacrilegious.


2. angst n.

痛苦 (tong4 ku3)

例: The feeling of abdominal pain can cause angst in a person.


3. do away with v. phr.

去除 (qu4 chu2)

例: The time has come to do away with that old car.


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