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Taking dogs to work reduces employee stress

Dogs are pictured in the hatch back of a car during an event promoting safe travel for pets in cars at the New York International Auto Show in New York last Wednesday.

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Bringing pet dogs to work can reduce stress and make the job more satisfying for other employees, a study suggests.

US researchers found those with access to dogs were less stressed as the day went on than those who had none.

The preliminary study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management looked at 75 staff workers. The researchers suggested access to dogs boosted morale and reduced stress levels, whether people had access to their own pets or other people’s.

The study was carried out by a team of researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University who looked at a manufacturing company where people are allowed to bring their pets to work. They compared those who brought in their own pets, with those who had dogs but left them at home, and staff who did not own pets. Over a week, the researchers compared employees’ stress levels, job satisfaction and feelings about support from and commitment to the company.

In the morning, there was no difference between the three groups. But during the course of the work day, stress levels appeared to decline for employees with their dogs present and increased for non-pet owners and dog owners who did not bring their dogs to work.

(Liberty Times)







1. access n.

接近的機會 (jie1 jin4 de5 ji1 huei4)

例: The tax inspector gained complete access to the company files.


2. commitment n.

承諾 (cheng2 nuo4)

例: I’d like to thank the staff for having shown such commitment.


3. during the course of prep. phr.

在...期間 (zai4 … qi2 jian1)

例: During the course of the interview it became clear that he was not suitable for the job.


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