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Police unplug promoter using K-pop group without valid visas

Several Indonesian men dance in front of the stage during a Dangdut concert in Depok, Indonesia last Monday.

Photo: EPA

Cashing in on the huge popularity of the Korean Wave, especially among Japanese women, one promoter using young South Korean male “entertainers” who did not have the proper visas to work in Japan is going to have to face the music.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced on Feb. 15 that it had sent papers to prosecutors for a 48-year-old South Korean man who held 66 performances at a club in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward using a five-man K-pop group residing illegally.

“I thought that if I brought young people who had just debuted in South Korea to Japan and if they became as popular as [the K-pop groups] KARA or Tohoshinki, I would be able to reap huge profits and that the club would also become famous,” sources said the man told investigators.

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1. cash in on v. phr.

利用 (li4 yong4)

例: Metal thieves looking to cash in on the rising value of copper and brass have swiped cables from subway tracks and wiring from utility poles.


2. face the music idiom

受罰 (shou4 fa4)

例: After failing the important college entrance exam, Tom had to go home and face the music.


3. reap v.

獲利 (huo4 li4)

例: His company reaped a big profit last year.


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