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Man jailed for calling female cop ugly
罵女警長相刺眼 判拘役

A female police officer poses in Pingtung County on June 1 last year.

Photo: Huang Liang-chieh, Liberty Times

On June 11 last year, when a Puren Precinct female police officer from Taoyuan County Police Bureau’s Jhongli Township surnamed Liu pulled over a car to see if the driver had been drinking, a man surnamed Hong who was sitting in the passenger seat took out his mobile phone and turned on the flash to film her. After Liu reprimanded him, saying the light was hurting her eyes, Hong replied that her looks were hurting his eyes. Hong was subsequently sentenced to 55 days in jail and given a fine of NT$55,000 for what he said.

Hong was suspected of obstructing a public official, and the Taoyuan District Court’s small claims court sentenced him to 55 days in jail at the end of October last year. Hong did not accept the ruling and filed an appeal, but the judge thought Hong’s statement was clearly a case of ad hominem and rejected the appeal on March 29.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)





1. flash n.

閃光燈 (shan3 guang1 deng1)

例: This camera doesn’t have a flash.


2. reply v.

回話 (hui2 hua4)

例: Why didn’t you reply when the teacher asked you a question?


3. appeal n.

上訴 (shang4 su4)

例: The defendant has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court..


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