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Taiwanese watercolor painter Lee Quan-pui dies at 80
資深水彩畫家李焜培逝世 享壽八十

Lee Quan-pui’s painting A Corner of Orchid Island’s Hongtou Village.

Photo courtesy of the Annan Art Center

Renowned watercolor painter Lee Quan-pui died at the age of 80 years old on Feb. 25 having fallen ill. His family is set to hold a funeral service on March 26 at the Huai En Hall of the Mortuary Services Office’s Taipei Second Funeral Parlor, and a service open to the public will be held at 11am.

After graduating from National Taiwan Normal University’s Department of Fine Arts, Lee taught in the department, teaching and painting for 50 years. He made a great contribution to the fine arts in Taiwan. Excelling in watercolors, Lee studied early on how to combine Western painting with the calligraphic painting styles of the East, creating a style very much his own. He was inspired by depictions of natural landscapes and the bright, fast pace of modern cities. The way Lee’s brush rapidly and lightly touched the canvas created overlapping patches of color, and his brush strokes were lithe and ebullient. The blending of representational lines with translucent watercolors displays the importance the painter placed on creativity and vitality.






1. depiction n.

描繪 (miao2 hui4)

例: The biography is supposed to be the most accurate depiction of the composer’s life ever written.


2. modern adj.

現代的 (xian4 dai4 de5)

例: The building looks very modern for something built several centuries ago.


3. ebullient adj.

興高采烈的 (xing4 kao1 cai3 lie4 de5)

例: He’s always up and down. One minute he’s ebullient, the next he’s depressed.


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