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Turtle-shaped cake offerings for Earth God’s birthday
土地公生日 祈龜登場

Sanyuan Temple in Taoyuan County’s Bade Township.

photo: Hsieh Wu-hsiung, Liberty Times

Lively local cultural activities were held at San yuan Temple and Yuansheng Temple in Tao yuan County’s Bade Township last Thursday and Friday. At Sanyuan Temple turtle-shaped cakes were offered and Taoyuan County Commissioner John Wu prayed for county residents to receive blessings. At Yuansheng Temple a ceremony placing the gods of war and wealth on their altars was held and blessed money was lent to worshippers.

Last Thursday was the God of Earth’s birthday, and Sanyuan Temple held its annual event in which turtle-shaped cakes are presented as offerings. The temple prepared quite a lot of the tiny turtle-shaped cakes, which were given to people to take home to pray for peace and prosperity. Wu also bestowed upon the temple a 300kg turtle-shaped cake, praying for the peace and happiness of county residents, and for the county government’s every wish to come true.

The activities lasted from 9am until 7pm, and included amateur performance troupes, lion dancing, folk acrobatics, street vendors, as well as song and dance troupes, making for a boisterous day. The congregation making the cake offerings held its ceremony for 40 minutes starting at 10am. It was led by Wu with Bade Township chief Ho Cheng-sen accompanying him. Experts later gave a guided tour of the temple’s historical architecture.

The purpose of the turtle-shaped offering is to pray for peace and prosperity. The event has become a unique cultural custom in Bade. People are supposed to give someone else a turtle-shaped cake the following year that was the same size as the one they received the year before, allowing the happiness one obtains to be shared with others.


1. annual adj.

一年一度的 (yi1 nian2 yi2 du4 de5)

例: They are holding their annual rock climbing contest next month.


2. architecture n.

建築 (jian4 zhu2)

例: That is an exquisite piece of architecture.


3. unique adj.

獨特的 (du2 te4 de5)

例: The cinematography in the film is unique.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)





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