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A : The manager was asking yesterday about how we can expand project sales. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

B : Yeah. Maybe look for outside sales reps to work with us.

A : But I’ve never cared for finding sales reps to take cases because you have to split the money with them, and they may take the client after the project’s finished.

B : I understand. I’ll try to think of something else.

A : 昨天經理問,如何才能擴大公司接案的業務範圍,你有想法了嗎?

B : 有,可能去外面找業務談合作一起接案子。

A : 可是我一直以來都不喜歡找業務合作接案。因為賺錢時要分給他,案子結束他還可能會把客戶帶走。

B : 我了解,我會再想其他辦法。

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