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Neihu’s only department store to become history
日湖百貨吹熄燈號 內湖人不捨

Lake Square Department Store in Taipei’s Neihu District is shown in this photo taken yesterday.

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

You may not have heard of Lake Square Department Store or its predecessor D-Mart Department Store, but it is a shared memory for people living in Taipei’s Neihu District over the past decade, as it is the district’s only department store. Hung Chi-tang, head of Lake Square’s sales promotion department, wrote in a letter to the Taipei Times that the store will close by mid-April, which is when the rental contract with its landlord, Highwealth Construction, expires, and the contract will not be renewed.

Three years ago, Lake Square Department Store took over management from its predecessor D-Mart Department Store, which was founded in 1992. The interior decoration is obviously not as luxurious as that of department stores in Xinyi District, and there are not many famous-brand goods to shop for here. Nevertheless, Lake Square offers cheaper goods, gives shoppers a homey feeling because of its compact size, and serves as a place for Neihu residents to enjoy the convenience of shopping and eating out. The sale now on at the store is the last one before the store fades into history. Since news got out about Lake Square closing down, people have been flocking to the store. For some it is because they are dismayed that it is closing, while others are taking the opportunity to make every cent count.

The sale has been on since last Friday. Loads of stuff is on sale throughout the store, with discounts of up to 80 percent or even 90 percent off the regular price. The store is also giving away in-store vouchers to shoppers who spend a certain amount of money within a single day. Although there is as yet no exact answer as to what the building’s fate will be after the end of April, Highwealth Construction reportedly plans to demolish it and build a housing complex in its place.



1. predecessor n.

前身 (qian2 shen1)

例: Our company’s new general manager does not have the same leadership qualities as his predecessor.


2. homey adj.

溫馨的 (wen1 xin1 de5)

例: Maureen’s Kitchen is a small restaurant that offers traditional American family fare in a homey atmosphere.

(Maureen’s Kitchen餐廳,是間提供傳統美國家庭料理的溫馨小餐廳。)

3. dismay v.

使沮喪;使不捨 (shi2 ju3 sang4; shi3 bu4 she3)

例: I was dismayed to see that my favorite band was splitting up.






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