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A : Hello. I’d like to switch the company’s server address.

B : I’m sorry, Mr Chen. I checked the records and your company’s address isn’t one we have registered.

A : How is that possible? I pay every year and save all the invoices. Can you check again?

B : Sorry. I’ll ask one of my senior coworkers to check for you.

A : 你好,我想轉讓公司主機網址。

B : 陳先生,很抱歉,我查了一下,貴公司這個網址不是我們幫你註冊的。

A : 怎麼可能,我每年都有繳費,單據也都留著。你要不要重新查一下?

B : 不好意思,我請公司比較資深的同事幫您查證。

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