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Windows 7 wallpapers include Kaohsiung’s Lotus Lake
打開Windows 7 蓮池潭美景浮現螢幕

Greater Kaohsiung’s famous scenic spot Lotus Lake.

Photo courtesy of Kaohsiung City Government

Lotus Lake, one of Greater Kaohsiung’s famous scenic spots, has been selected as one of the desktop backgrounds of the Windows 7 operations system, giving it a place on the international stage.

The Greater Kaohsiung Government’s Tourism Bureau says that designers of the Windows 7 operations system have picked famous places from 17 countries for its wallpapers, including Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, Spain and so on. Six places in Taiwan have been selected as desktop backgrounds, namely Lotus Lake, Turtle Island in Yilan County, Taroko Gorge in Hualien County, paddy fields in Taitung County’s Chihshang Township, Laomei Park at Taiwan’s northernmost point Cape Fuguei in New Taipei City, and Hehuanshan in Nantou County.

Officials say that people anywhere in the world can download the wallpapers, which may help attract more international tourists to visit Greater Kaohsiung.

With the Lunar New Year approaching in just a few days, Tourism Bureau Director-General Chen Sheng-shan says that people visiting Kaohsiung during the Lunar New Year holiday should not miss the 2012 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival, which will be held simultaneously in Cishan and Gangshan Districts and along Love River for 11 days starting next Friday. The activities will include spectacular fireworks displays and fountain light shows, giving visitors a great opportunity to experience the city’s charms.

Chen says that Lotus Lake, formerly known as Lotus Flower Lake, has been a famous scenic spot since the Qing Dynasty, when it was described as “a lake capturing the scent of lotus flowers.” The area has abundant human and architectural cultural assets, with an authentic veterans’ village next to the lake and plenty of places to eat good food.



1. pick v.

選擇 (xuan3 ze2)

例: The DJ picked Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive to liven up the party because people love to sing along with it.


2. abundant t/ adj.

豐富的 (feng1 fu4 de5)

例: There are abundant reasons for not smoking; avoiding lung cancer is just one of them.


3. authentic adj.

道地的 (dao4 di4 de5)

例: You can’t expect to find authentic Mexican food in this city because the proper ingredients are not available.


高雄蓮池潭美景躍上國際平台,入選為Windows 7作業系統風景名勝桌布。

高雄市政府觀光局表示,Windows 7作業系統挑選十七個國家具有代表性之風景桌布,包括台灣、日本、法國、德國、南非、巴西、義大利、西班牙等,台灣有高雄蓮池潭、宜蘭龜山島、花蓮太魯閣、台東池上水稻田、台灣東北角的新北市老梅公園及南投合歡山等六處景點。





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