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“Death to bankers” scream Paris walls as crisis looms
金融危機深化 巴黎街頭塗鴉:「銀行家去死吧」

A man walks past a graffiti message written on the pavement next to the former Bourse (Stock Exchange) in Paris on Dec. 7 last year.

Photo: Reuters

Europe’s politicians can drone on about solutions to the euro zone crisis as much as they like, but the popular sentiment is clearly spelled out on the streets of Paris: “Death to bankers.”

That message scrawled on a mail box in the fashionable Marais district of the French capital is part of a growing commentary cropping up on walls and streets, revealing deep-seated distrust and simmering disquiet as a euro zone crisis threatens to wreak yet more havoc with France’s economy.

As France gets sucked deeper into the crisis, Paris is catching up with Athens, where bankruptcy woes and austerity measures have spurred waves of graffiti and the finger of blame is pointing firmly in one direction.

“Thanks, bankers, for the loss of a few more billions,” says another scrawl near the Paris stock exchange.

That graffiti appeared as a warning on euro zone ratings by Standard & Poor’s fanned fears that markets could put the single currency to the sword.

Political graffiti is an act of rebellion tantamount to “an alarm signal,” said graffiti artist Antonio de Oliveira, saying it showed people are fed up with the disconnect between politicians and the masses. “When you have political graffiti, the situation is dire.”










1. drone on v. phr.

單調說話 (dan1 diao4 shuo1 hua4)

例: He was droning on and on about his operation.


2. put to the sword v. phr.

終結 (zhong1 jie2)

例: In the course of history, countless bad ideas have been put to the sword.


3. tantamount to adj. phr.

相當於 (xiang1 dang1 yu2)

例: His refusal to answer was tantamount to an admission of guilt.


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