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Penghu wind turbines potential power source for Taiwan
澎湖風電潛力佳 還可供電台灣

National Penghu University of Science and Technology’s Windmill Park on Dec. 19.

Photo: Tang Chia-ling, Taipei Times
照片: 自由時報記者湯佳玲

Commissioned by the National Science Council, National Penghu University of Science and Technology has found that Penghu is one of the richest sources of wind power in the world, and a perfect place to build wind farms. If the underwater cable for transmitting electricity to Taiwan proper is finished by the expected completion date of 2016, the excess electricity generated during fall and winter months in Penghu can be transmitted to Taiwan and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Ou Chih-cheng, assistant director at Taiwan Power Co’s Chienshan power factory, said Penghu currently has two power generators, one at Chungtun and one at Huhsi, and that from December last year until now they have generated 11 percent of Penghu’s total electricity, producing 18 million and 24 million watts of electricity respectively.

Ou also said the transient electric current consumed in Penghu is 40,000 watts, while the transient electric current generated during the winter is 10,000 watts, adding that in the future when all of the wind power generators on Taiwan proper and its surrounding islands have been installed, it is expected that the transient electric current generated will skyrocket to 100,000 watts.







1. wind power n. phr.

風能 (feng1 neng2)

例: Around 85 countries now use wind power on a commercial basis.


2. excess adj.

剩餘的 (sheng4 yu2 de5)

例: Excess coffee grounds and tea are quite suitable for composting.


3. skyrocket v.

攀升 (pan1 sheng1)

例: World food prices skyrocketed in 2007.


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