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Wood-burning stoves all the rage in austerity Greece
希臘勒緊褲帶 木炭爐大風行

A man walks by a graffiti-filled wall in the center of Athens, Greece on Nov. 14.

Photo: EPA

Once a symbol of poverty, the lowly wood burning stove is becoming all the rage among cash-strapped Greeks horrified by the soaring costs of central heating as winter begins.

Even the wealthiest Greeks are turning to the kind of basic heating methods that most people have not used in decades as an economic crisis deepens, taxes rise and temperatures drop.

Costas Mitsionis, who sells wood-burning stoves at the central Athens Monastiraki market, rubs his hands with glee as he talks about the doubled demand for his product. His tiny shop is bursting at the seams with stoves in all colors and shapes piled on top of one another almost to the ceiling.

“Business is up 100 percent,” said Mitsionis, 42, constantly interrupted by phone calls from clients. “Everybody is flocking to buy, poor and rich alike — this crisis has put the fear of God into everyone.”

In a desperate move to plug its fiscal holes and meet its budget targets under an EU/IMF bailout, the government has hiked energy taxes, driving heating oil costs up to 40 percent higher.









1. all the rage adv. phr.

風行一時地 (feng1 xing2 yi4 shi2 de5)

例: Long hair for men was all the rage in the seventies.


2. rub one’s hands v. phr.

搓手 (cuo1 shou3) (*表示期待的動作)

例: The owner rubbed his hands as the customer picked out item after item.


3. burst at the seams v. phr.

擠爆 (ji3 bao4)

例: When all the family come home the house is bursting at the seams.


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