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A : Mr Zhang, you didn’t work very long at your two previous jobs prior to quitting. Can you explain why?

B : I didn’t get along well with my superiors.

A : So what happens if you start working here and also don’t get along with your superiors?

B : From these experiences, I’ve learned how to communicate better with my superiors, and I guarantee that the same problem won’t happen again.

A : 張先生,你之前二份工作都很快就離職了,可以說一下原因嗎?

B : 因為我跟主管相處不好。

A : 那如果你來這裡上班之後,不喜歡這裡的主管,怎麼辦?

B : 經過先前的經驗,我學會了如何跟上司溝通,我保證同樣的問題不會再發生。

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