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Spouse gets NT$50,000 after regretting polygamy
三人行不行 元配反悔獲賠五萬

Korean actress Choi Ji-woo acts out a wedding scene with Korean actor Yoon Sang-Hyun in the Korean drama Can’t Live With Losing.

Photo: Cheng Yi-hsun, Liberty Times

A woman in Kaohsiung agreed to allow her husband’s mistress to move in with them as part of a polygamous arrangement, but later regretted the decision and sued the woman for compensation. The Kaohsiung District Court reviewed the case and found that the husband and the woman only had slept together once, and that the wife had previously signed a written agreement saying that they would all live together under one roof. The court eventually decided that the woman needed to pay NT$50,000 compensation to the wife. She has refused to give a response on the matter.

It is known the woman, surnamed Huang, initially became acquainted with the couple simply because of their shared interest in jewelry and antiques. It is also known that they signed an agreement to enter into a polygamous relationship on April 30 last year saying the three of them would live in one household as a family attending to their individual responsibilities, and that if any issues should arise they would be peacefully resolved between them and not through the courts.

On July 20 that same year, the husband had slept with the woman in her part of the house. After his wife found out, she suffered as a result and became increasingly depressed, until she finally demanded that the woman pay her NT$200 million in emotional compensation. The woman brought up the agreement as part of her defense, believing the wife had no right to insist she pay any sort of compensation.

During his investigation, the presiding judge found that the husband had had sexual relations with the woman, but that the wife’s worsening depression had nothing to do with the case. After carefully considering that the wife had actually signed a written agreement for a polygamous arrangement with her husband, the judge showed the mistress some clemency.



1. polygamous adj.

一夫多妻的 (yi1 fu1 duo1 qi1 de5)

例: Polygamous marriage is allowed in many of the world’s religions.


2. suffer v.

煎熬;心煩意亂 (jian1 ao2; xin1 fan2 yi4 luan4)

例: Why do such trivialities cause you to suffer so much?


3. depressed adj.

憂鬱的 (you1 yu4 de5)

例: She became so depressed after her mother passed away that she eventually had to be hospitalized.







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