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A : Mark, how are the decorations at the new office going?

B : The original estimate to finish it was three months. We are supposed to have everything ready by the 20th of next month, but right now we’re only halfway done.

A : How is that possible?

B : The workers have been slacking off, only coming in twice a week, and talking to their supervisor hasn’t helped either.

A : Mark,新辦公室的裝潢進度怎麼樣了?

B : 原本的工期預計是3個月,下個月20號要完工交屋。但是現在進度才完成一半。

A : 怎麼會這樣?

B : 因為工人偷懶,一周最多只來兩天,跟監工反應也沒有得到改善。

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