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Ultralight crashes in lychee orchard
輕航機墜機 駕駛命危

Officials from the Civil Aviation Administration and the Aviation Safety Council gather evidence in Changhua County where an ultralight aircraft crashed on Sept. 16, 2007.

Photo: Tsai Wen-cheng, Taipei Times

Kuo Hsiang-pin, the owner of a dyeing and finishing factory, crashed his ultralight aircraft into a lychee orchard in Changhua County on Sept. 21 following suspected mechanical failures. Only the frame of the aircraft was left after the fire was put out. Kuo was sent to Changhua Christian Hospital in critical condition for emergency treatment.

A female friend of Kuo’s surnamed Chang, said he phoned her at 5pm to tell her that he was flying right above her house, asking her if she could see him. She walked out of her house and looked up to see Kuo flying his white ultralight aircraft. She waved at him and said that he was flying very high and indeed could see him.

Chang said she heard two explosions not long after she went back inside her house. She felt something was wrong and rushed out to see what happened, immediately spotting a fire in the neighboring mountains. When she reached the site of the crash she saw the burning aircraft.

A male witness surnamed Wu said he was busy cutting the grass when the aircraft crashed. Before the crash he noticed that an aircraft kept hovering over the mountainous area, and started smoking before plunging from the sky. After hearing two explosions, Wu saw a huge fire break out and alerted the police.

When Changhua County firefighters arrived at the lychee orchard, they found that only the frame of the aircraft remained after the fire. Kuo was burned over his entire body and he was sent to Changhua Christian Hospital. The police suspect that a mechanical failure caused the crash.





1. mechanical adj.

機械的 (ji1 xie4 de5)

例: The photocopier keeps saying there is some sort of mechanical failure. Can you call someone to fix it?


2. critical condition n. phr.

命危 (ming4 wei2)

例: The driver and most of the passengers were sent to the hospital in critical condition after the crash.


3. neighbor v.

在…附近 (zai4…fu4 jin4)

例: The parking lot neighbors the playground.






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