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High schooler alerts police after light corporal punishment
老師打手心 警車開進學校處理

A man demonstrates how a paddle is used for punishment in Hsinchu County on Sept. 20.

Photo: Tsai Meng-shang, Taipei Times

On Sept. 20, a junior high school student in Hsinchu County surnamed Lin dialed 110 on his mobile phone to notify the police because he was upset about a teacher punishing him by hitting his palm with a paddle. When the police arrived at the school, they found no bruise marks on the child’s hand, and therefore had the school contact the student’s parents to have them come to school. The student’s parents apologized to the teacher as soon as they were made aware of the fact that their child was punished for not bringing his notebook to class and for having a bad attitude.

According to the Hsinchu County government’s investigation, three second grade students including Lin forgot to bring their notebooks to geography class four weeks in a row, which was why the teacher, surnamed Hsu, decided to punish them with a paddle. After class was dismissed, they became increasingly upset the more they thought about it, and finally designated Lin to call the police during lunchtime.

The teachers and students were stunned to see a police car driving onto the campus as they were about to have lunch. The headmaster soon contacted the parents to have them come to the school to deal with the matter. Lin’s parents acknowledged that their child was wrong when they finally understood the situation. They immediately apologized to the headmaster and the teacher, and promised to have a good talk with their child.

A county government official said elementary and junior high school students have the right to file complaints with the school counselor if they think they are the victim of corporal punishment or inappropriate discipline, adding that when the children return home they can ask their parents to talk to their teacher, or report it to their local educational agency. The official said that although the teacher hit the students very lightly with the paddle, the Ministry of Education’s policy clearly states that absolutely no corporal punishment is allowed in public schools. He also said he would ask the school authorities to talk to the teacher about the issue.



1. upset adj.

苦惱的 (ku2 nao3 de5)

例: The old man became very upset when the little boy started to cry.


2. attitude n.

態度 (tai4 du4)

例: It’s great that you are able to keep such a positive attitude after going through so much.


3. inappropriate adj.

不當 (bu4 dang4)

例: Michelle thought the woman’s behavior was

completely inappropriate.







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